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易特流 E5N/E5M

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  • Product Name: Etal MMA220
  • Series: MMA220
  • Weight: 3.10kg
  • Volume: 247*148*229mm
  • Maximum Current: 220A
  • Full Duty Cycle 40°C: 200A


One key control mode


Conventional welder includes several operation knobs to control  respectively from current, thrust, arc start. which can bring many problems, such as  that the operation will be complex, and bad situation might occur for the  wrong adjustment of parameters.

Etal intelligent inverter welder adopt special designed knob to realize the one touch control function.

For example, Press the knob can change-over the menu function and revolve the knob to adjust welding parameters.

Etal intellectual control welder equips self-diagnose function

When the machines are in trouble, the system can examine the trouble spot with milliseconds and

Show them on the LED screen. In this way, the welders can know the reason easily by checking the Codes and achieve maintenance.

Convenient for movableworking

Small size and light weight to reduce manpower loss.

The best choice for mobile welding

Applicable  for large steel structure tower operation

Internal welding for large diameter steel pipe, such as shipbuilding industry,,downhole operation.


Bid farewell to the heavy car consignment

Crane movement

Engineering erection

Easy to keep

Small volum and light weight to reduce warehouse costs

Carry-on and personal custody


Bid farewell to hard keeping and complicated construction program.


Dynamic sofeware customization

Etal intellectual inverter welder groundbreaking adopt RISC intellectual control and presafea safety control technology.

According to the fields environment and user needs to customize the software function. Meanwhile, combined with a huge database of experts to create the perfect welding effect for users.

Technology source:  Military science and technology

Relying on the headquarters-Hefei Sanyu’s military background,, Etal weider follow  the characters of the product module and easy keep, Having developed upper and lower isolation structure with independent intellectual property rights, which different from the traditional left and right split structure.

Up and down isolution structure

The middle shield plate, Making the casing take the control precision components and other components separated from a closed whiole, greatly reducing the dust, water vapor erosion of the control unit, reduce the failure rate.

Thermal simulation technology

setting the wind channel through the thermal simulation technology to make the high power comsumption of the compenent in the maximum heat dissipation and effective position



Comparison between Welding effectiveness and traditional welders. Take the E5series as an example,

A: Traditional BX1 AC welder(illustrate)

Current:180A;Plate thickness: 8mm.

4 codes and total weld length is 128 cm, which needs 6 minutes and 51 seconds.

B: Etal welder E5:

Current:180A; electrodes:     ;Plate thickness: 8mm.

4 codes and total weld length is 128 cm, which only needs 6 minutes and 06 seconds.


The experimental data shows that compared to conventional AC welder, etal welder workload exceeds 24%, save 12% time-consuming.It’s goes without saying about advantage. 

Current Comparison between Etal E5 seris and BX1 AC welder

Electrode diameter,welder current ,

Phase and current for AC welder

Phase A  Phase B   Average current

Phase and current for Etal E5 series

Ratio of phase and current 


Energy saving comparison between Etal E5 and BX1 AC welder

Welding rod   category

Welding current   welding voltage output power  power factor

Kwh for E5 welder

KWH for BX1 AC welder

Energy saving of Etal




Etal Welder With dynamic design and Multiple expert database has realized easy arc start, good welding performance, depth Penetration , Small splash, good feeling.

Beautiful welding performance, deep Penetration,small splash, good feeling


  Manual  welding expert  More models for you to choose
  MMA630    User design for long time faster welding over 5.0   electrodes,large diameter carbon rods or large diameter steel bars. Only   weight 16kg, the effect of carbon arc gouging rivals 1000A professional   machine.
  MMA400    User design for long time welding over 5.0 electrodes or 8mm   carbon. Only weight 8kg,offer variety of models,can choosing electrodes   types/diameter or force/arc/current according to requirements ,can also   offering software customization function according to special industry   demands.
  MMA220    User Design for long time standard welding 4.0 electrodes and   frequent mobile jobs.Only 3.22kg,suitable for any voltage and generator.Super   portable, Insulation shell,safety and reliable!
  MMA200    User Design for using single phase 220V electric net and   generators,only 3kg,super portable,full plastic shell,safe and reliable!
  RA160    The World's top power density.Challenging the limitation of   the high power density design!Only 1.9kg.

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