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易特流 E5N/E5M

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  • Product Name: Etal RA160
  • Series: RA160
  • Weight: 1.90kg
  • Volume: 220*82*146mm
  • Maximum Current: 160A
  • Full Duty Cycle 40°C: 140A



  Manual  welding expert  More models for you to choose
  MMA630    User design for long time faster welding over 5.0   electrodes,large diameter carbon rods or large diameter steel bars. Only   weight 16kg, the effect of carbon arc gouging rivals 1000A professional   machine.
  MMA400    User design for long time welding over 5.0 electrodes or 8mm   carbon. Only weight 8kg,offer variety of models,can choosing electrodes   types/diameter or force/arc/current according to requirements ,can also   offering software customization function according to special industry   demands.
  MMA220    User Design for long time standard welding 4.0 electrodes and   frequent mobile jobs.Only 3.22kg,suitable for any voltage and generator.Super   portable, Insulation shell,safety and reliable!
  MMA200    User Design for using single phase 220V electric net and   generators,only 3kg,super portable,full plastic shell,safe and reliable!
  RA160    The World's top power density.Challenging the limitation of   the high power density design!Only 1.9kg.

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