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By the end of 2005, “Etal” welder initiated the third-generation hi-tech convenient manual arc welder after “AC” and “DC” manual welders. Through 4 years of efforts, the sixth-generation Etal E6 manual arc welder has been developed.
Etal sixth-generation welder includes all the functions of the previous fifth-generation welder, better than the fifth-generation welder in the whole performance, and combines the characteristics of the professional and non-professional welders.
E6 manual arc welder inherits Etal welder’s high technology and convenience,
1. uses high-speed RISC computer control system and thermal simulation technology,
2.and realizes 400A manual welding. The welder (only 13kg) has the functions of manual welding,
3. arc air gouging and simple argon-arc welding.
4. Its programme control realizes the free switch of AC and DC characteristics,
5.the continuous quick welding of acid, basic, stainless steel, cast-iron, copper, etc. 5mm electrodes under the 40℃ high-temperature environment, and 8mm carbon rod arc air gouging.
6. The welder meets the high requirements on high welding quality and the engineering users, breaks through one-key operation of computer mouse knob,
7realizes the setting of electrode type/electrode diameter/thrust/arc strike/electric current,
8. and performs automatic switch to corresponding control system according to selected electrode types.